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Workshop: Introduction to Perfume Blending
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The Anu Essentials product line is an outgrowth of Anu’s passion for the beauty and power of essences created by nature. Anu is inspired by botanicals for the purposes of nourishing, healing, and beautifying.  She believes these substances are amazing treasures given to us by the Creator for our delight and for healing.

Home Frangrances
Juicy Body Butter


Hand crafted in Brooklyn, Anu Essentials was born from the need of a beautifully fragranced botanically-based luxury product. We believe every day should be appreciated with not a moment taken for granted. From the second you wake up through a busy to day to a night at home, our products greet you in the morning and put you to bed at night. They are your lived in luxury. Something you use everyday, embued with nature and refreshes you every – single – time.