Spring is in the air and that means more time outdoors! For all of us.

Fresh air after a long brutal winter indoors is the best cure for any spirit needing a little pick me up, and depending on where you live, a walk to the farmer’s market is always a way to connect to the season and to what foods we should be eating now. And no one should ever leave a farmer’s market without fresh herbs.

If you haven’t tried your hand at gardening, starting a kitchen window herb garden is a wonderful project to take on for the season. Not only can you add these fresh herbs to your meals now, you can also dry them, use them in oils and bath products as well as give them away!

Fresh herbs are not only fragrant, but can also be used to heal. With many varieties to choose from, it’s best to use local seeds if you want to begin your own indoor starter plants and transplant them outdoors when the time is right; or, move them to a more conducive area in your home. There is no wrong time to plant herbs, but there are those that thrive better in late summer as opposed to early spring. The Farmers Almanac distinguishes by regions. But it is said, gardening by the moonlight can also be beneficial to growing plants.


What’s great about the farmer’s market this time of year, is that you can find all sorts of starter plants and herbs. These plants can be transplanted outdoors to your garden or add texture and variety to your landscaping.

Anu Essentials product line is made with you in mind with natural fresh ingredients that are good for you inside and out!


Hearty plants make for a hearty lifestyle! After much use and experimenting, there were certain herbs that were recurring in our profiles. A healthy state of mind starts with what we take into our bodies. Inhaling and digesting fresh herbs improves our mind, body and spirit to combat irritants, alignments, control issues and uplift us. Listed are a few of our favorite finds that are healing as well as edible. There are many uses for fresh and dried herbs. Start with a few of our favorites, add on and experiment; but, most of all, share your experience with us in the comments. What’s great about the favorites, is that the oils can easily be mixed or combined together with other carry oils for a host of home and body remedies, cures and products.

Check with your local papers, boards, libraries to find out where and when you can find the farmer’s market in your area. (Prospect Park, Brooklyn)


Lavender Table Scape
Lavender: (Everything)

Part of the mint family, lavender has to be the most fun and interesting plant to grow. Like most of the plants, it is very versatile. It is good for most everything. Everything? Yes, everything! It has benefits both fresh and dry. With its soothing and calming fragrance, the essential oil is great for blending with many oils for personal care products, medicinal as well as culinary properties.


Man Harvesting Lavender

Very easy to grow indoors in sandy soil, it doesn’t like to be too damp. Better grown in late Spring or early Summer, farmer markets usually carry this both potted and dry. Having a good lavender essential oil on hand is great year round.

Its soothing properties calms the nervous system and revitalizes our brains. Used with carry oils, It’s great for infections and scars. As a digestive aid, the oil helps stimulate our intestines.

Herbs at a Farmers Market


Oregano: (Body)

Oregano oil is not your common oregano used for everyday culinary needs. As with most herbs and plants, there are many varieties, so see what your local market has and experiment. If they happen to make their own oregano oil, pick some up.

Oregano makes a wonderful outdoor plant for edging walkways and landscaping. You can start oregano from seeds indoors and move them outdoors once they are a little hearty. Finding starter plants is most helpful and makes for a wonderful project.

Oregano oil however is very potent and one of the most beneficial herbs for its antiseptic properties. It is also antiviral and an anti-bacterial. It is a complete mind and body healer.

Rose Tincture Bottles

Rose: (Heart)

Enough cannot be said about the power of rose. There is a reason why it is given as a symbol of love and beauty. Have you ever walked through a rose garden? Oh, the wonders of Spring! It is a must that you visit a botanical garden. The aroma is intoxicating. Once you discover the wonders of the rose, you will wonder where it has been all of your life!

From rose quartz, to rose oil, Anu Essentials loves all varieties and you will find it in many of our products.

A farmer’s market will carry a variety of fresh and potted rose plants. I know in some urban areas, roses may not seem like the best purchase. You only need a few to enhance the beauty and smell of any neighborhood! I enjoy walking down the streets and catching the fragrance of rose in the air.

While rose plants are practical for planting and decorating, you would need thousands of petals to produce your own essential oil. But that doesn’t mean the petals cannot be used in a bath or for a romantic evening.

You can purchase distilled rose oil, rose essential, rose water from many outlets. Not only is it used in cosmetics, it has wonderful beneficial properties of antibacterial, as well as anti-fungal. It’s great for topical use on skin for soothing irritations. It not only helps our senses, it can also aid in our healing. More on


Thyme and rosemary essential oil or infusion


Rosemary: (Head)

If you find this beauty in starter form or with roots at the farmer’s market, grab a few! It’s a great year-round indoor herb that needs much sunlight. The use of terra cotta pots are great since the herb grows best a bit dry. It’s one of those herbs that is great without a lot of attention.

Not only is it a beautiful herb, it’s also wonderful to cook with as it’s both aromatic and pungent. The smell of fresh bruised rosemary on the fingertips, is both invigorating and uplifting to the head, and chase away any negative thoughts that may be running around in there.

Rosemary may not be one of those herbs you immediately think of for your spiritual practice, but it makes a wonderful tea, and it is easy to make an infused oil from.

In Ayurveda, it is known to be associated with the third eye and is great for imbalance.