Beauty Tips – Self-Care at Every Age: Antioxidants for a Lifetime of Health


Part 2

The evolution of body products and the need for more “natural” skin care choices, to combat our environmental depletion and regeneration is nothing new.

“Although natural ingredients have been traditionally used for centuries for skin care purposes, they are becoming more prevalent in contemporary formulations [5]. The term “natural” is defined as something or an ingredient that is produced by the nature or found in nature and is directly extracted from plants or animal products [6]. Sources of natural ingredients can include herbs, fruits, flowers, leaves, minerals, water and land [5]. The effect of natural ingredients in skin care products depends on their in-vitro and in-vivo efficacy and the type of dermatological base where they are incorporated [5]”

Now, there are hundreds of SUPERFOODS, supplements and sources of antioxidants to choose from. Free radicals are found in products with long shelf life, sugar-laden food products, fast as well as fried foods (some oils as well), and of course should be avoided or consumed in moderation. (That’s why I cannot tell you what I ate)

We all about loving ourselves inside and out. (And indulging in guilty pleasures from time to time should be allowed. Give yourself permission.)

Our body care products are rich in emollients to heal and care for your skin, and so should the food sources you intake. AnuEssentials was born from these traditions and lifestyle. Biting into a sweet fresh orange on a sunny day as a child, with adult sensibilities is a memory our Sita perfume conjures with its balanced blend.

Staying healthy and beautiful at any age should be as easy as breathing, as we are what we eat, right? Here are a few favorite antioxidant rich foods, in part two in our series, which you probably consume in your daily life and may have not realized. (We always like to suggest to consult with your health care physician before starting any new regime.)


Coffee Science has identified six antioxidants and the truths about their benefits.

  1. Melanoidins: Did you know that melanoidin is the reason behind that unique aroma when roasting coffee? More importantly, coffee melanoidin is the brown coloured, nitrogenous compounds in coffee.
  2. Quinine: The bitter compound is one of the primary agents in coffee that give the latter some of its antioxidant properties.
  3. Caffeine: Caffeine itself is an antioxidant, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B by ACS. Caffeinated drinks can help cure headaches, in losing weight and preventing diabetes.



I don’t know about you, but ginger is a comfort food! Growing up, we always had fresh ginger root on hand. Just thinking about a hot cup of ginger honey tea warms my spirit. Ginger cures and treats everything! And I knew that before it became very popular– I did mention black doesn’t (easily) crack.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, ginger is a powerhouse for the female body in our menstrual cycle. With its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, the substance in ginger, gingerol, can lead to the death of cancer cells. Ginger fights against viral diseases, increases immunity and general tone of the body.

About 4g of ginger can be consumed daily. Ginger is not recommended for high blood pressure, ulcers or ulcerative colitis, gallstones, bleeding, high temperature, allergies. Daily rate 10 g.


The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice! – Was another saying I grew up hearing? How do you know you are a child? One way is, you don’t like the same foods as your parents.


I never understood why I would see elders drinking black coffee, rarely any with sweetener or cream. Or when I was offered chocolate, it wasn’t the sweet milk chocolate I was accustomed to, but some bitter dark chocolate in a wrapper that I would wince at once I got a taste of it. (It really wasn’t that bad on my palate after a while, as I recollect, but that initial bite –  somehow I would never remember until it was halfway in my mouth.)

Here’s how dark chocolate can boost your health.

  1. Dark chocolate can lower body mass index – The frequent consumption of small quantities of dark chocolate is linked to lower BMI, according to a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine.
  2. Dark chocolate boosts brain power: Have a big meeting, test or dinner with the in-laws? Eating dark chocolate can give your brain a short-term boost—increasing your alertness—for two to three hours, a University of Nottingham study found.
  3. Dark chocolate can improve eyesight: Forget carrots—dark chocolate can improve your eyesight too, according to research published in the journal Physiology & Behavior.