Part 2 of Serenity, Courage, Wisdom Series – Self -Medicating

Daphne Smith

Instead of accepting our circumstances, many of us end up self-medicating, and that becomes our preferred “solution.” We self-medicate to avoid facing the truth. The drug of choice can be anything that dulls the pain:

• binge watching TV series

• sleeping too much

• overeating, over spending

• ingesting alcohol and or other recreational drugs regularly

• sleeping around

• overworking

• spending an inordinate amount of time on social media

• overindulging in any type of way…over emoting via anger, frustration, violence, etc.

It’s basically an attempt to numb one’s self, to not feel what it is that we must feel in order to move on, to move through and pass this thing. Remember, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

But nope, we don’t want to feel anything that disturbs or causes pain and anguish, so we keep medicating. But until we are able to fully give our selves over to these feelings, we are held captive, held back from progress, from growth…the growth that has to occur, no matter how long we put it off.  But in the end, we are the only ones who can heal our pain.  Others can lead us to the road of recovery, but ultimately, it is our responsibility and our work to heal our pain.

Self-medicating, ignoring and not acknowledging where we are, just postpones our own growth and development. We remain in the third grade until we do the work that a third grader must do in order to qualify for promotion to the fourth grade. We remain a child until we do the work that will allow us to grow into full womanhood. We remain emotionally a child, with childish thoughts and childish ways.

It’s easy for anyone to say, get a grip, grow up, get with it.  But the work it takes to get there is not as simple as that.  Every woman knows what resonates with her, what brings her joy.  Start with simple things like sitting quietly, or do a walking meditation, spend time with yourself and your thoughts.  Seek professional advice, find a hobby that truly excites you and make time to be consistent with it.  Seek out your bliss and move yourself away from those things, people, places and ideas that drain you, that leave you depleted and find what inspires you and lifts you up.

Today’s goodness tip is to find your way to water.  Water  is the most healing element on the planet.  We were developed in the waters of our mother’s womb.  Find your way to water, whether it is a river, ocean or your own bathtub… and let the healing elements of water take you within.  Anu Essentials offers different botanical based body products that can serve as aromatherapy in your bath.  Sultry is made with real rose oil -floral, calming.  Balmy is made with vanilla and resins -very earthy, calming . Fresh is made with two kinds of lavender – inspiring and soothing.  Juicy is made with citruses inspiring, uplifting. Green Tea is made from a fragrance oil but still the smell is soothing.

Every day this week, I will be offering my musings on serenity, wisdom, and courage. This is the second installment. Please meditate over it, and if you keep a journal, write down all of the thoughts that come to you. Do you follow Anu Essentials on Instagram? Please do for some support and goodness. Invite your friends or someone you know who could use the encouragement to follow this series. Leave us your comments too.

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