Another way to reckon with this pain is to practice ignoring debilitating thoughts.  You know which thoughts!  The ones that go around and around in our heads on a loop like a skipping record, but are in no way serving our higher purpose. Every time they come up, we should have something ready to say to diffuse them.  “Get ye behind thee” is an old standard. We can also be totally present to what we are doing, and not allow extraneous thoughts to enter that peaceful space.  Just know that this kind of mind monitoring works. However, in order to be successful, it does take practice.

Here are some ways to remain mindful and present when those self-defeating and destructive thoughts manifest:

  • *Affirmations – Counter negative words with positive words that affirm your wellbeing and worth.
  • *Mantras – Find that statement or declaration you can repeat to yourself to interrupt negative thoughts. For example, you can repeat a favorite biblical verse,  sacred scripture, or mantras from any number of sources.
  • *Prayers – Stop negative thoughts by reaching out to the Creator. A simple one word prayer that works is “help.” Ask for help.

The better you know yourself the better you will be able to fight the thoughts that seek to bring you down. You will be mindful at the onset of those defeating attacks and speak powerful words to yourself.   The more you practice diffusing negative thoughts, the easier it will become and they will become weaker and weaker until they no longer have an influence upon you.

Today’s goodness tip is to do something good for you.  When was the last time you had a massage, a Reiki treatment, an Ayurveda treatment, a facial, a day at the spa?  Some refer to these modalities as luxuries.  But they are healing art services and they are a way to show loving kindness to yourself and to take time out for you.  In case you are interested,  I am a certified Reiki practitioner as well as a licensed Hatha Yoga Instructor.  You may book appointments with me for a Reiki session or private yoga class by sending an email to  Whatever you do, please do take time out for you.

Every day this week, I will be offering my musings on serenity, wisdom, and courage. This is the fourth installment. Please meditate over it, and if you keep a journal, write down all of the thoughts that come to you. Do you follow Anu Essentials on Instagram? Please do for some support and goodness. Invite your friends or someone you know who could use the encouragement to follow this series. Leave us your comments too.

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