Yes, life can be difficult at times. James Baldwin once said in an interview “You live, you suffer, you die.” Well have mercy! Surely there are some really beautiful, magical things that happen in between those three major events. It is our job to find the beauty, find the magic and keep life magical despite the challenges.

Another great technique that I’m sure you’ve heard of but may not have taken totally seriously is, counting your blessings, have an attitude of gratitude. When things get really tough, it’s one of the hardest things to remember…to count our blessings. But doing so can help put things in perspective. Remind yourself

• that you are loved and you are never alone – the Divine is always with you and within you

• you are loving

• you are alive

• you have what so much of what so many in the world do not have

• you are blessed

It is helpful to remember “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” We are far more than capable of rising above any circumstance that life presents, no matter how bleak. In our heart of hearts, we know this.

Today’s goodness tip is to have a ritual to your mornings. Ritual simply means have a set of action that you follow each morning. They can be as short as 10 minute or as long as you can comfortably fit into your schedule.  Sticking to a ritual no matter what,  will give you a foundation to build on. Perhaps you pray, meditate, have telephone prayer meetings, read sacred text, journal write, walk in nature, chant, acknowledge your ancestors, record your dreams. Hey maybe it’s all the above. Whatever it is, have something in place that’s a discipline that feeds your soul and supports you through the day(s) when things become challenging. It’s also a great to keep your rituals in place when everything is smooth sailing.

In the evenings you can have grounding rituals to help with complete relaxation, for better sleeping.  Some night rituals include: writing down what you want to accomplish the next day.  This frees up your mind and can lead to a more restful sleep.  Taking a bath or making your shower extra special.  Take the time to really be present with your bathing experience. Look at your body, tell your body you appreciate all it does for you.  Be intentional about slathering your Body Butter on.  Make it a kind of meditation. You may decide to have a cup of tea and curl up with a good book.  Yes, step back from social media and read a book, if you have neglected that fine art.  Listen to music that soothes you.  Turn down the lights, turn off the television and be with yourself reflecting, contemplating.  Burn some incense, light a fragrant candle and set a mood that relaxes you.  These are ways in which we practice self care,  self love.  The more we love ourselves, the more love we can generate for others.

In finally ending this sharing, I have to say, full disclosure here, nothing you have just read is a professional opinion. Instead, I’ve shared my observations and personal methods for staying serene, courageous, and wise. And I cannot say I’ve completely mastered any of this, though I keep practicing.  For life is an on going process of new challenges for development and growth.  If any of it resonates with you, by all means, use it. Take from here what you can and leave the rest.

This is my final musing on serenity, wisdom, and courage. Please meditate over it, and if you keep a journal, write down all of the thoughts that come to you. Do you follow Anu Essentials on Instagram? Please do for some support and goodness. Invite your friends or someone you know who could use the encouragement to follow this series. Leave us your comments too, especially if we’ve been helpful.

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