Young African-American woman sitting in lotus position and exercising yoga.

Then one day BAM! We are awakened from our slumber. What should we do next? Interesting thing is the same kinds of life events that can cause us to fall asleep at the wheel of life, can be the same kind of events that cause us to be violently shaken awake from a self-induced sleep. And then we say, “What they hay, no wonder I was asleep, being awake is painful, and it’s work.” Until we do the work on ourselves, that we know we must do, the pain can be all the more heightened than when we were asleep.

How is one to navigate this turmoil, this pain, this discomfort? One way is to acknowledge what is happening in our lives, to be actively listening, watching, observing the waves of emotions and being completely there with those feelings. Oh my God, they hurt! We want to cry, scream, throw something, and break something that shatters like glass. And maybe just maybe we should do some of those wild and crazy things.

But wouldn’t it be better to do something that inspires us, that allows us real and lasting results? Like

• aerobic exercise

• yoga

• meditation

• listening to soul stirring music

• reading sacred and heart healing books

All of these activities can help us to navigate rough terrain and of course, there are other kinds of practices that may resonate more with you.  Studies have shown that the practice of meditation is so effective that they are now seeking to introduce meditation in elementary schools.  Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, improves relationships, allows us to feel more centered and relaxed and is a great way to start your day.

Awakening may be initially very painful,  or confusing, or exhilarating… but it always leads to the Light, to enlightenment, to awareness and therefore to positive changes.  It’s not always easy.  Some times we can become frantic wanting to ‘fix’ everything all at once, to hurry up and get it right.  Some times we may need the help of a trained therapist, a minister, a prayer group etc.  Whatever it is you need, find it!  Seek it out and do all that you can to nurture yourself during this transition from being asleep to being awake.  If you’re one of the lucky ones and your awakening is an exhilarating experience, you may still need guidance on inner work, balancing practices like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong etc.

Yoga is also a great way to quiet the mind.  I am often asked which yoga I recommend and I always say classic Hatha yoga.  It is the foundation of all other yoga.  It is taught at the Integral Yoga Institute here in NY where I live.  But Google Hatha Yoga in your area for resources.

Today’s goodness tip is to just sit quietly for ten minutes, with eyes closed.  For the first 60 seconds make an effort to slow down your breathing and just concentrate on the breath.  Then began to breath normally and continue to watch the breath.  This is a very simple and effective form of meditation.  Make an effort to not think about anything in the past or projecting towards the future.  Instead just be present, to be there, right now and focus on the breath, keep bringing your mind back to the breath.

Every day this week, I will be offering my musings on serenity, wisdom, and courage. This is the third installment. Please meditate over it, and if you keep a journal, write down all of the thoughts that come to you. Do you follow Anu Essentials on Instagram? Please do for some support and goodness. Invite your friends or someone you know who could use the encouragement to follow this series. Leave us your comments too.

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