My dearest Sister-Friend Tami gave me the gift of a lifetime; thank you T. I had the pleasure of meeting Faith Hunter, world-renowned Yoga instructor at the Art of Yoga on Saturday, March 26 at the Brooklyn Museum. Simply a life-changing experience that left me in awe of the things that I need to change in my life for the betterment of SELF. I always look at things in the 3-dimensional (Just like the Trinity: the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit), which will also give me confirmation on things that I need answers for.

While traveling to the class to meet Tami and I was reading an excerpt from Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally and on page 125, from Chapter Seven, “It’s All About the Hair”, talking about the pros of wearing natural hair: “You may feel a greater sense of pride, Self Love, and self acceptance.” Self-Love is very meaningful to me, and I do take this philosophy seriously,which is why it is the underlying platform of my Lovin Self brand. Once I arrived, I met a wonderful, calm, beautiful, and spirited woman who stood out.

Her name was Anu Prestonia, who specializes in hair and body care, and happens to be very good friends with my girlfriend Tami.

Once the class started, Faith was able to make me feel like I have been doing Yoga for years. I did not feel embarrassed because I was a newbie, and I was very comfortable doing the “Child-like” resting pose when it became too challenging. Once the class ended, I was totally not convinced that Yoga was for me–too slow, so I thought. Yes, the class was inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, and peaceful with many similarly joyous spirits that were in the large dome-like room.

Please note, I have tried Yoga a few times, but again I think that it’s too slow for my “over the top” energy. Once the class ended, Tami and I had a very brief discussion about Yoga and I still was not convinced that this was for me. I started talking with Anu, whose spirit engulfed me and captivated my spirit, mind, and attention. Anu has been practicing Yoga for 30+ years, and there’s one thing that she said that stuck like glue: “It’s a form of Self-Love, you’re Loving Self. You are healing, and saying to, yourself that ‘I love you’.” At that moment I fought back tears, because if I am trying to teach others about the very important art of loving self, then how can I not, at the very least, give Yoga a try to see if this will calm me down so that I can focus better on the things that really matter to me and not others that distract or discourage me.

Like Faith Hunter, Anu Prestonia, and Miko Branch all teach and express, Self-Love is a form of love that heals, nurtures, soothes, and restores you back to wholeness lovingly.

How will you have a #HappyMonday and a more #MindfulMonday? Feel free to share in the comments below!