• Refresh Spritzers

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  • Description

    When you need to refresh yourself or experience or feel inspired, you can do so using our natural Spritzer created with botanical elements ~ essentials oils. 

    In addition to your face, our Refresh Spritzers are also great to cleanse and clear the air  ~ in your car, in the bathroom and any place where there is a unpleasant odor.  Because of the natural ingredients these Spritzers can be used around babies and children without any harm. 

    Instead of holding your breath like one does with synthetic aerosols, you will be inspired to breath in longer and deeper to experience the healing elements in our Refresh Spritzers.  Anu Essentials Refresh Spritzers are also excellent travel companions.

    We offer three aromas:

    Fleure / floral- rose and ylang ylang

    Citrus / citrus - a melange of citrus oils

    Forest / herbal - lavender and fir needle

    Ingredients include - water, alcohol, essential oils and glycerine

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