Make it easy on yourself ~ Luxe Body Oil, matching Creamy Soap, and Hair Oil for layering and having a specific scent profile.

Lemongrass Set –  Lemongrass Luxe Body Oil, Lemongrass Soap, and Lemongrass Hair Oil ~ This set has a lemony exotic scent reminiscent of the areas where this ornamental grass is grown, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean Islands.

Citrus Set – Yuzu Luxe Body Oil, Juicy Soap, and Golden Blossom Hair Oil – For those who enjoy the effervescent aroma of juicy fruits created from the rinds of citrus fruits. This trio is a perfect blend of citrus fruits and ylang ylang flowers.

Lavender Set – Oakmoss Luxe Body Oil, Lavender Soap, Lavender Hair Oil ~ The uplifting, inspiring, and healing fragrance of lavender is a mainstay in our lavender set. The Luxe Body Oil is spiked with the earthy scent of oakmoss for a grounding yet transportive experience.

Green Tea Set ~ Green Tea Luxe Body Oil, Green Tea Soap, and Green Tea Hair Oil ~ This light and airy scent is a long-time favorite of many of our clients. Light, soft, and alluring is the smell of our Green Tea Set.

Floral ~ Ylang Ylang Luxe Body Oil, Sultry Soap, and Honey Suckle Hair Oil – These different florals blend seamlessly. Ylang ylang scented  Body Oil, rose-scented soap, geranium, ylang ylang, and patchouli blend creates a scent reminiscent of honeysuckle flowers for the Hair Oil.