Large Vintage Brass Burner – Chinese Foo Dog

Large Vintage Brass Burner – Chinese Foo Dog


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This Vintage Incense Burner is large and stately.  It can hold a number of charcoal discs at one time and therefore is an excellent choice for large spaces such as churches, synagogues, mosques, temples,  meeting centers, large homes, and outdoor spaces.

1 in stock

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With a stately design, this exceptional Vintage Burner can also be used a decorative item in your home or office and as a conversation piece.

Foo dogs are actually Chinese Guardian Lions.  It is Westerners who named them Foo dogs. Some also call them Fu dogs. Yet others may call them Buddha dogs.

The Chinese Guardian Lions are a symbol of power and protection. They can be found in all countries where the Chinese have settled.  The Chinese will most often refer to them as Shi which means lion. In Japan Foo dogs are known as Komainu.

Foo dogs which are placed inside or outside a building are meant to protect your home or workplace from negative energy. It is said these guardian lions will stop anyone with malicious intensions from entering your home.



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