Hair Oil:Golden Blossom

Hair Oil:Golden Blossom


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Golden Blossom Hair Oil is formulated using a blend of citrus essential oils. It has a bright and refreshing aroma. Apply our oils lightly to the scalp and then massage into the scalp using your fingertips.  Pour a little of the oil into your hands and distribute the oil throughout your hair.  This oil can also be used for Hot Oil Treatments.  For best absorption, use immediately following a shampoo and conditioning treatment.


The Anu Essentials line of hair care products is designed with what is healthiest for your hair. Infused with botanicals and vitamins, our line of natural hair care products allows nature to be the first line of protection for your hair. And at the same time, enrich and nourish your hair, naturally!

Instructions: In this concentrated natural oil a little goes a long way. Avoid wasting this product by applying lightly to the scalp and massaging the oil slowly and firmly into the scalp. This oil absorbs more readily when the hair and scalp are wet. Great for hot oil treatments for hair and scalp. Apply to hair and scalp, cover with a plastic cap and leave on for 20 minutes under a hooded dryer or not.

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3 reviews for Hair Oil:Golden Blossom

  1. Cassandra

    I am enjoying this product right now. It has been a journey with my hair and this product gives me the right balance. It is an oil so a little goes a long way. I needed that balance to get my hair back to a healthy state.

  2. Adriene

    MMMMMM! If you want to feel like summer is in the air this Golden Blossom is lovely for hair and skin! A great pick me up for the senses while also working to nourish and moisturize!!
    Love it! LOVE it!

  3. trishadams (verified owner)

    I have been using this oil on mine and my two daughters’ hair for more than 10 years. It smells so good AND nourishes the scalp. I order it in BULK and keep it in the refrigerator! I’d be lost without it!

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