Copal Negro

Copal Negro


In traditional Mexican culture, it is believed that the smoke of copal cleanses and purifies one’s personal energy field and environment.  It is also believed that copal negro has the ability to send messages to those not among us, those no longer in the physical plane, and that it can send prayers out to the Universe.  Its smoke — visible to us as an element of air — is produced by the contact of earth-water elements mixed with fire.  Traditionally, copal negro has been used to remove negative blockages or dense energies from a person or place.  Cleanse and clear your home with Copal Negro.


Copal Negro has a distinctive aroma, different from that of Copal Blanco.  As a very protective essence, in Mexican culture, it is burned specifically on Saturdays to ward off any negative vibrations or intentions from others.  Use this rare essence to purify, cleanse and clear your environment.

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Copal Negro, Copal Negro with Charcoal


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