Black Jet Intention Bracelets

Black Jet Intention Bracelets


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These beautiful beads add a subtle element of sheen and reflection, adding a touch of radiance. They also are a nice touch for those who love to sport the famous, all-black fashion statement of many New Yorkers. We are offering different style options for these sophisticated, protective bracelets. We have several options to choose from including Black Jet sets and individual Black Jets. 10mm



Black Jet Beads are organic in nature and carry protective vibrations. They were made famous during the Victorian era, the trend of that time was to wear Black Jet necklaces in the long, operatic style.  They are also sometimes considered mourning beads, worn after the death of a beloved. These protective Black Jet beads pair nicely with the all black fashion style of many New Yorkers.

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black jet bracelets

2 Set Black Jet Set, 3 Set – Black Jet Set, Classic Black Jet Bracelet

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  1. Chiquita

    Love the Jet Black Intention bracelets . I used them to accessorize brighter colored outfit but I do have a sense of being focused and grounded.

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