Amethyst Intention Bracelets

Amethyst Intention Bracelets


Amethyst – This royal purple color is said to symbolize Christ. These colors can appear blended or as stand-alone colors as long as some form of lavender to purple dominates -eggplant, lavender fields, with hints of soft clouds. This stone is said to possess passion and sobriety simultaneously.

Sizes beads available: 8mm $35

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Amethyst was once as valuable as the diamond, but as it began to be found in more mines around the world, it lost its financial value.  I’m sure that it had a Cartel as the diamond industry does, it would be just a financially valuable. The Smithsonian Institute has a 400 pound Amethyst that graces one of their galleries.

Known as the stone of faithfulness and the Bishop’s stone, it is the stone of sobriety and helps one to overcome addictions and overindulgence.  It has always been known as a stone of spirituality. Amethyst helps us to follow our right path in life.

Amethyst: spiritual wisdom, heals scattered thinking, decision making



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