Amazonite Manifest Intention Bracelets

Amazonite Manifest Intention Bracelets


Awaken your inner inspiration and spark intuitive abilities with our Manifest Inner Power bracelet stack.  These bracelets are infused with the powers  Amazonite to strengthen integrity and enhance intuition, creativity, intellect, and psychic abilities.

Let go of the ego and  vibrate life with hope, imagination and truth.

Size Available:  8mm

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Name of Stone: Amazonite

Color Family: Green and/or blue

Type of Stone: Feldspar

Properties: Promotes truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust.

Narrative of Benefits: Can enhance intuition, creativity, intellect, and psychic abilities. 

Tips:  Use this stone to step into your truth and be who you truly are, following your true path.

Intentions: To aligned with truth and integrity in word and deed.

Affirmations: I am impeccable with my word and it is reflected in my deeds.



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