• Amethyst is a stone of sobriety. This Mala is for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. This Mala can also assist in navigating the challenges of functioning from the higher part of one’s spirit. The stones of this Mala corresponds to the crown chakra where consciousness dwells. Amethyst also in tune with energy field directly above the head where Divine Light and inspiration may be harnessed. It is an excellent stone to help with addictions and addictive behaviors. The royal purple color denotes a regal bearing where there is no room for slipping or sliding back into behaviors that undermine our highest good.  
  • Rose quartz is renowned for the stone that resonates and vibrates with the heart and the heart chakra. These are not your average Rose Quartz stones.  These are AAA quality. Wear these stones to heal the heart and to radiate and attract love.  Amethyst known as the Bishop's stone, has a high vibrational quality that 'protects the wearer from drunkenness'.  It's a stone of sobriety.  Drunkenness comes in many forms such as delusional and or excessive thoughts.  Wear this stone to assist with being centered and being your best.