• Cooling, clean, strong and sublime – these are the qualities of our Sterling Fragrance. It is a blend of some of the most exquisite notes, such as tuberose, cognac, tobacco, oud, lavender absolute and castorium (beaver musk). It has the cleansings notes of lemon peels and white grapefruit and the unique aroma of prickly ash. Yes, it’s all man but smells quite compelling on a woman.  10 ml    
  • Mocha is warm; a gourmand fragrance that conjures up the urge to get closer. Primary in this perfume are beautiful and hypnotic white flowers of the coffee plant.  Other flowers notes include neroli, linden blossom, and Roman chamomile. Accompanying gourmand notes are vanilla, cocoa, and lemons. Hiding deep within are patchouli, civet, and castorium. This coffee tinted perfume will create the desire to sniff again and again. 10 ml    
  • Vetiver a cool fragrance, light and airy, with an ethereal quality that smells delightful on both men and women. Other notes include cognac, petitgrain, bergamont, bitter orange, prickly ash, juniper berry, cedar wood, linden blossom, baronia, opoponax, calamus, oak moss, hay, and frankincense.  10 ml    
  • Sacred Myrrh Incense

    Perfuming the air with this resin before prayer or meditation sets the right tone for an inner journey.  It is also wonderful to burn just to perfume your space. When burning make sure the charcoal is on a metal or flame resistant surface.  Order today with or without the charcoal for burning.  
  • Nola Perfume

    Nola - Like the ingenue Nola Darling of "She's Gotta Have It",  Nola is flirty, dirty (animal notes) sweet and mean with notes of magnolia, tobacco, indole, rose, pear, bay rum, and oud. This fragrance can’t help but get under your skin. Sweet and alluring. 10ml
  • Shaman Botanical Unisex Fragrance

    Shaman - Spiritual strength and human finesse combine in a hypnotic fragrance.  Formulated with the finest Oman frankincense blended with tobacco absolute and is infused with Ethiopian opoponax (sweet myrrh) Colombian tuberose, Sri Lanka clove, blood orange, and cedarwood.A Botanical Unisex Fragrance.   This rare essence is a delight on the skin of a man or a woman.
  • Sunrayz

    A dazzling citrus scent designed to engage the senses and inspire beauty. Notes include mandarin, clementine, neroli, white flowers, and luscious fruits with a musky dry down. No matter the season, bask in the warm glow of Sunrayz and let your spirit shine. 10 ml