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  • Oakmoss Luxe Body Oil

    This rich body oil has been formulated with natural and organic oils to soothe, heal, and beautify your body. Its ingredients include grape seed oil, avocado, argan, pomegranate, hempseed, and vitamin E oils. The earthy fragrance of the Oakmoss Luxe Body Oil is a blend of both earthy and ethereal essences created from oakmoss resin and lavender essential oils.
  • Cooling, clean, strong and sublime – these are the qualities of our Sterling Fragrance. It is a blend of some of the most exquisite notes, such as tuberose, cognac, tobacco, oud, lavender absolute and castorium (beaver musk). It has the cleansings notes of lemon peels and white grapefruit and the unique aroma of prickly ash. Yes, it’s all man but smells quite compelling on a woman.  10 ml    
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    This Spritzer is for those times when you need clarity, focus, and intention to accomplish something of importance. Whether the topic is for business or a personal matter, the Awake Spritzer is meant to help with intention. Apply this Spritzer before prayers or meditations on these matters. Ingredients include: oregano, lavender abre camino, arrasa contoda, larkspur, lavender, lily of the valley
  • Lavender Hair Oil

    This Lavender Hair Oil is formulated using a blend of lavender essential oils. It has a bright, refreshing and uplifting fragrance. Lavender is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial oil with many healing properties. Apply our oils lightly to the scalp and then massage them into the scalp using your fingertips.  Pour a little of the oil into your hands and distribute the oil throughout your hair.  This oil can also be used for Hot Oil Treatments.  For best absorption, use immediately following a shampoo and conditioning treatment. Pair this oil with our Lavender Soap and our Oakmoss Luxe Body Oil that is created with both oakmoss and lavender oils.