• These bold and beautiful square baroque pearls make an impressive statement.  These soft gray gems have a high iridescent luster. Despite appearances, they are relatively light in weight.  They measure at 16 inches long.
  • Our "Simply Beautiful" Baroque Pearls have a singular allure.  There's no ornamentation,  just the inherent beauty of this natural gem.  The luminous and iridescence quality of pearls is magical and magnetic not only to the wearer, but they are also compelling to those who see you wearing your water-gems.  A natural water sourced jewel, the energy of pearls is that being cool, calm and collected. It is the jewel of the water Goddess. Be sure to read our Pearl Care info.
  • Labradorite Intention Bracelets

    Our latest offerings are made from the exceptional labradorite stone.  Due to their iridescent and translucent qualities, these beads are mesmerizing as they sparkle and shine, though sometimes they resemble luster of Tahitian pearls. Lighting and movement influence the hue of labradorite, making them all the more magical. Wearing or carrying labradorite is said to inspire because of their metaphysical properties of protecting the aura and clearing away negativity. They are known to enhance intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and prophecy. This stone also promotes calmness and increases one’s joy.  I know the joy I feel from just looking at them and noticing how the light changes their color from gray to blue and green.  The price is per bracelet. Currently in stock 12mm and 8mm.  The larger the millimetre, the large the bead. 10mm