Vibrant locs require loving care and products infused with herbs and vitamins; this is what we offer in our Loc Grooming Set.  As one who wore locs off and on for fourteen years, I am well aware of what makes locs healthy and beautiful. My Locs inspired many others to lock their hair. Our set includes Nourishing Gel Shampoo, Biotin Rich Conditioner, Soft Set Gel, and your choice of Hair Oil. Nourishing Gel Shampoo - moisture-rich to avoid drying out your locs Biotin Rich Conditioner - vitamin B infused to nourish your locs Soft Set Gel - aloe-infused, flexible hold to avoid stripping moisture from your locs Hair Oil - with rich carrier oils and essential oils, the Hair Oils lubricate the scalp, repairs, and strengthens the hair and is the perfect elixir for hot-oil treatments