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  • This perfect gift set is an assortment of 5.  Our rich, natural hand crafted soaps are made with coconut, olive and other plant based ingredients. They are scented with either natural essences or fragrance oils. This gift set includes:
    • Herbal (Lemongrass)
    • Juicy (Citrus)
    • Fresh (Lavender)
    • Sultry (Rose)
    • Green Tea (Tea and Honey)
  • Green Tea Soap

    Green Tea has the soothing scent of green tea and honey. This scent is the same used in our Green Tea body butter and soap giving you the option of wearing it from head to toe. Fragrance oils are used in all of our Green Tea products.
  • Our rich, natural handcrafted soaps are made with coconut, olive, and other plant-based ingredients. This soap is scented with the exotic, inspiring, Lemongrass essential oil. Our beautifully lathering soaps are gentle and silky. Marry your favorite Anu Essential Body Butter with these soaps for a layered effect.
  • Fresh Soap has a clean and refreshing aroma of lavender. Fresh is formulated with a blend of essential oils produced from the flowers of green herbs. This clean, light and airy scent has aroma-therapeutic qualities that have an uplifting effect on your mood. Fresh Body Butter goes great with our Fresh Body Butter and Herbal Hair Oil.
  • Sultry Soap is a natural handmade soaps made with saponified coconut and olive oils scented with botanicals and fragrance oils.
  • Juicy Soap is made from a blend of citrus botanical oils. It has a bright and refreshing aroma. And can be paired with our Juicy Body Butter and Golden Blossom Hair Oil.