• Chrysoprase emanates an energy that encourages optimism, joy, and contentment. It also brings success and abundance to new ventures and relationships. This Mala is comprised of 108 faceted chrysoprase prayer beads in 8 mm with 10mm accent beads. Also included are a silk tassel and a raw larger Chrysoprase center bead.
  • Black Onyx Beads is a stone of inner strength. It enhances one's endurance and persistence to carry out difficult and dreary tasks through to completion. It is also a stone of physical strength and emanates the energy of self-mastery and personal power. These protective stones pair nicely with the all-black fashion style of many New Yorkers.
  • Amethyst is a stone of sobriety.  This Mala is for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment.  This Mala can also assist in navigating the challenges of functioning from the higher part of one's spirit.  The stones of this Mala corresponds to the crown chakra where consciousness dwells. Amethyst also in tune with energy field directly above the head where Divine Light and inspiration may be harnessed. It is an excellent stone to help with addictions and addictive behaviors. The royal purple color denotes a regal bearing where there is no room for slipping or sliding back into behaviors that undermine our highest good.
  • This swirl of moss green and rust orange  Mala is created with Unakite prayer beads. It has Carnelian as the Guru or Buddha Bead and as the accent beads. There is a 5-inch sand-colored silk tassel. Unakite is great for uplifting one's spirit, helps to release deep-seated emotions gently and assists with being at peace in the here and now. Carnelian attracts and offers strength, endurance, stability, and forbearance. It will help when feeling flighty, scattered, and not rooted, grounded. Use this Mala to root down, so you can rise up.
  • This Prayer Necklace is made of Golden Obsidian, which means it has a golden sheen, a two-tone reflection.  Obsidian is a volcanic stone and thus earthly.  Golden sheen obsidian is great for healing abuse of power and for activating the higher Will. It affects the 1st chakra (root) and 3rd chakras (solar plexus).  It is good for clearing negative energies and purifying one's auric field. Other elements of this Mala include lava accent beads, cinnabar Guru bead, and a black, silk, five-inch tassel.
  • Rose Quartz and Labradorite Mala

    This Mala has been created using Madagascar Rose Quartz and Labradorite as the prayer beads.  The Guru bead is a Peruvian Opal, and there's a five-inch silk tassel. The beads are of exceptional quality.  Rose Quartz is for healing the heart.  Labradorite is said to inspire because of their metaphysical properties of protecting the aura and clearing away negativity. They are known to enhance intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and prophecy. This stone also promotes calmness and increases one’s joy.