Home Fragrances

  • Copal Blanco

    Experience our Fresh Copal.  Copal is a resin that has sacred properties for cleansing, clearing, purifying essence that has been used by the Mayan people for centuries.  It is like the frankincense of Mexico.  Copal is a name given to tree resin from the copal tree Protium copal (Burseraceae) that is particularly identified with the aromatic resins used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and is burned during sacred ceremonies as incense.  Fresh, white Copal differs greatly from the hardened yellow copal.  It's like the difference between fresh fruit and dried fruit.  Rock-hard yellow copal melts when burned resulting in a thick, shiny, residue which puts out the flame of the charcoal. Fresh Copal dissipates when burned which leaves just a hint of residue, along with a clear, beautiful and uplifting fragrance.  
  • Bukhoor Incense

    Transport yourself to the UAE with this incredible incense. Bukhoor is the Arabic name given to scented bricks or balls that are a blend of natural traditional ingredients, mainly Oudh, the Arabic name for Agarwood/Aloeswood. The agarwood or Oudh is soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with other natural ingredients (resin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood, essential, and fragrance oils.) You need only burn a small pinch of this to fragrance your home for hours, even days, depending on how much you burn.  Each ball of incense is sold separately. Amir ~ Sophisticated and elegant aroma that calls to you again and again Rashida ~Bold and beautiful  with a spicy undertone Tamu ~ Bright and bold floral with a deep and sultry base Noor ~A seasoned beauty with a subtle and refined spiciness that smells of royalty  
  • Amber Resin Incense

    Amber is a warm, vanilla, caramel, honey type fragrance to scent your home, office, or event space.  It is made of resins and scented with resins like labdanum and benzoin.  It is has a soft, round, and comforting aroma. Due to its precious quality, it is sold in grams instead of in ounces. To fragrance your space using amber, only a small amount is needed and doesn't need to burn for long.  Ten minutes is enough time to perfume your space depending on the size of the room. To burn DO NOT use charcoal to burn amber. Instead, use a candle diffuser or an electric burner which does not require any charcoal.  Enjoy!
  • Electric Resin Burner

    The beautiful burner not only looks good but because it's electric there's the ability to experience aroma without the use or smell of charcoal in the mix.  The electric burner can burn both soft or hard resins because it has an adjustable heating dial. Be safe, take good care of your burner, and extend its use by being mindful of turning it off once the desired level of fragrance has been reached. This burner also comes with a tong, spoon, and reusable trays to make your experience an easy and delightful one.
  • Sacred Myrrh Incense

    Perfuming the air with this resin before prayer or meditation sets the right tone for an inner journey.  It is also wonderful to burn just to perfume your space. When burning make sure the charcoal is on a metal or flame resistant surface.  Order today with or without the charcoal for burning.  
  • Out of stock
    This high quality frankincense from Oman has a clean, refreshing, and uplifting fragrance leaving you and your space feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Green Royal Hojari Frankincense
    This high quality frankincense from Oman has a clean, refreshing, and uplifting fragrance leaving you and your space feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Straight from the United Arab Emirates, we now have metal tongs for you to handle your hot coals and resins.  When placing your resins on hot coal or turning over your resin, tongs are the perfect tool.  They are pliable and can be easily stretched to a larger width to accommodate picking up your hot coals or resins.  Check out our video on how to burn your resins and use your tongs.
  • This beautiful, vintage burner is more lovely in person than one would imagine; it is sturdy and stately. It is a pre-owned charcoal burner. It has some weight and heft to it, making it a standout for Indian charcoal burners, which often can be light in weight. It measures 6"x4".
  • This small, lovely two-piece brass pagoda incense burner is marked China on the base. It is one of my favorite burners. I have one just like it in my personal collection, and I always attempt to snag one for my clients when they become available on the market. This burner is in good condition with light wear and usage.  The etched details on all sides of the burner are great. This brass incense burner measures  4 1/2" x 3".
  • Mystical Resin Incense

    Welcome to a world of the finest incense on a stick.  We have four offerings and each one is created with natural essences for an uplifting experience. These incense sticks are concentrated, so depending on the size of the space you are fragrancing,  you may decide to only burn a third or half of a stick at a time.