Gift Sets

  • Black Jet Intention Bracelets

    These beautiful beads add a subtle element of sheen and reflection, adding a touch of radiance. They also are a nice touch for those who love to sport the famous, all black fashion statement of many New Yorkers. We are offering different style options for these sophisticated, protective bracelets. We have several options to choose from including Black Jet sets and individual Black Jets.
  • This perfect gift set is an assortment of 5.  Our rich, natural hand crafted soaps are made with coconut, olive and other plant based ingredients. They are scented with either natural essences or fragrance oils. This gift set includes:
    • Herbal (Lemongrass)
    • Juicy (Citrus)
    • Fresh (Lavender)
    • Sultry (Rose)
    • Green Tea (Tea and Honey)
  • Enrich and nourish your hair, naturally. Whether your hair is thick and lush or in need of care and repair, our formulations will enhance moisture, add hydration, and will leave your hair feeling nurtured.  
  • Anu Essentials Gift Card

    You know that she loves Anu Essentials, but you can’t decide which item is ideal for her. An Anu Essentials E-Gift Card is perfect for any occasion. Delivered directly to the her email with a gift code, she will be able to start shopping immediately.
  • Out of stock
    Our Anu Summer Essential's Trio is a perfect addition to your summer beauty routine.  Refresh your your spirit with a botanical mist! Which skin type is it good for? ✔ Normal ✔ Oily ✔ Combination ✔ Dry ✔ Sensitive
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    Our Home Fragrance Gift Set is perfect for cleansing and purifying  your home with sacred resins. This Special Holiday Gift Set Includes: 
    Two Sizes Available For The Burner:
    • Large – weight 15.0 oz  (measurements – height 6 ” width 4 1/2″ depth 4″)
    • Medium – weight 10.3 oz (measurement height 5″ width 3 3/4 depth 3 3/4)
  • Amethyst is a stone of sobriety.  This Mala is for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment.  This Mala can also assist in navigating the challenges of functioning from the higher part of one's spirit.  The stones of this Mala corresponds to the crown chakra where consciousness dwells. Amethyst also in tune with energy field directly above the head where Divine Light and inspiration may be harnessed. It is an excellent stone to help with addictions and addictive behaviors. The royal purple color denotes a regal bearing where there is no room for slipping or sliding back into behaviors that undermine our highest good.
  • Layering creates a complex and lasting aroma.  This set includes our:
    • 8 oz Luxe Yuzu Body Oil
    • 8 oz Golden Blossom Hair Oil
    • Juicy Soap
    Now you can be juicy from head to toes!