Gift Sets

  • Mystical Resin Incense

    Welcome to a world of the finest incense on a stick.  We have four offerings and each one is created with natural essences for an uplifting experience. These incense sticks are concentrated, so depending on the size of the space you are fragrancing,  you may decide to only burn a third or half of a stick at a time.  
  • Vibrant locs require loving care and products infused with herbs and vitamins; this is what we offer in our Loc Grooming Set.  As one who wore locs off and on for fourteen years, I am well aware of what makes locs healthy and beautiful. My Locs inspired many others to lock their hair. Our set includes Nourishing Gel Shampoo, Biotin Rich Conditioner, Soft Set Gel, and your choice of Hair Oil. Nourishing Gel Shampoo - moisture-rich to avoid drying out your locs Biotin Rich Conditioner - vitamin B infused to nourish your locs Soft Set Gel - aloe-infused, flexible hold to avoid stripping moisture from your locs Hair Oil - with rich carrier oils and essential oils, the Hair Oils lubricate the scalp, repairs, and strengthens the hair and is the perfect elixir for hot-oil treatments
  • Anu Essentials Gift Card

    You know that she loves Anu Essentials, but you can’t decide which item is ideal for her. An Anu Essentials E-Gift Card is perfect for any occasion. Delivered directly to the her email with a gift code, she will be able to start shopping immediately.
  • Centering – This Spritzer is designed for those time when we’re feeling scattered, disconnected, especially from ourselves.  It is also good for when we’re not feeling our Divine connection to all of life.  It is created to remind us all of life comes from the One source by whatever name you prefer. Apply this Spritzer before prayers or meditations on these matters. Ingredients include: basil, tuberose, white rose, marjoram, sage, fennel
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    Nurturing – This Spritzer is designed to help us with nourishing and nurturing ourselves and or others.  To nurture means to give great care and to take care of ourselves so that we can better take care of others. It is meant to assist with the fortitude to handle life’s stressors, to remind us to be chill, relax, and be calm at all times. Formulated with organic herbs and oils that allow nature to help heal what ails you.   . Apply this Spritzer before prayers or meditations on these matters. Ingredients include: spearmint, lettuce, wild lettuce, purslane, jasmine
  • This perfect gift set is an assortment of 5.  Our rich, natural hand crafted soaps are made with coconut, olive and other plant based ingredients. They are scented with either natural essences or fragrance oils. This gift set includes:
    • Herbal (Lemongrass)
    • Juicy (Citrus)
    • Fresh (Lavender)
    • Sultry (Rose)
    • Green Tea (Tea and Honey)
  • Enrich and nourish your hair, naturally. Whether your hair is thick and lush or in need of care and repair, our formulations will enhance moisture, add hydration, and will leave your hair feeling nurtured.  
  • Condition That!

    Beat That Dryness with our Moisture Rich Conditioning Set.  Hydrate, moisturize and condition your hair with vitamin-rich and herbal infused conditioners.