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For eons Indigenous cultures around the globe have used beads as a prayer tool for meditation, chanting, and affirmations; mala beads are also referred to as prayer beads. They are an integral part of the ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and yogic traditions of India and have been around for centuries, for as long as the practice of meditation itself. Malas are said to have even inspired the making of rosary beads.

All of our malas are hand-made by founder, Anu Prestonia. All of the stones, including the accent stones are sourced from nature and are therefore, one of a kind.  No matter how similar they may look, no two stones are exactly alike.  Therefore, there may be slight variations in color, shape or the stone choosen for the Buddha (center) bead.  There may be slight variations of the tassels used, depending on availability.  What is consistent though, is the high-quality of all of the components use to create each mala and the care and attention given to the mala that is made, just for you.

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