I am delighted to share with you that five of our new Vintage Burners were sold last week.  Each one is uniquely different and possibly one-of-a-kind.  Therefore, we recommend that if you see one you really like, don’t wait or it may be gone.

I’ve made two videos to share with those who are unfamiliar, the best way to burn resins and the difference in the design elements of vintage burners and the importance of knowing how to handle vintage burners as compared to our new burners from the United Arab Emirates.

Most of our vintage burners have been used before.  Since many of them are from Asia, I am confident in saying that most of them were used for spiritual ceremonies to honor ancestors.  In many cultures around the world, every home has a shrine for their beloved ones who have passed on.  You can see these shrines in many Asian restaurants.  In the home there are often photos of the deceased, a glass of water, a candle, fruit or some type of food offering and incense is burned. If you’d like to set up an ancestor shine for your Beloved ones who have passed on, check out my blog post on how to set up your ancestor shrine.

Some of the vintage burners have been cleaned up and show no signs of having been used as a burner.  Others show signs that they have been used.  But all are in great condition.

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give someone who appreciates incense and or vintage items, please consider our unique burners. They make for a lovely item in the home or office.

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