Meditating in nature brings balance...

Daily we follow some kind of routine. From waking and preparing for our day, our family activities, commutes, appointments and errands, we have enough to do in our day that slowing down is for bedtime. Where does your wellness fit in?
Sleeping between seven and eight hours is supposed to re-energize us, and on most days, it fulfills its purpose. And we wake up, prepare for our day, our family activities, five to seven days a week.

Health and Wellness Getting Fit for Life Make it Routine Daily!

Somewhere in there, between yoga, a movie, a drink with friends, holidays and parties, there is you. The relationship with yourself.  Despite all who are around you, those we care for, we need to care for ourselves above all. To continue the joy, productivity and passion we have for life, we must take care of ourselves first, before we can make others happy and healthy.  We must give a dose of that prescription to ourselves.

 What if giving this gift to ourself could change our surroundings forever?

How do you give back to yourself in ways that won’t seem selfish towards others? Treat yourself like a member of the family or team. Every day we are meeting needs of others. Add yours to the list.  Just like our children need time for homework, lessons or classes, we can begin to build “self time” and make it routine. In our office affairs we constantly deal with deadlines and projects.

You can look at it as seasonal changes, evaluating your progress, putting down and picking up and book-marking your progress. Add it your personal calendar, set reminders and put it into action. If you need supplies, or to book time, do so in advance. Make getting fit for life a routine!

Wellness Getting Fit for Life Make it Routine

When others around you know you are taking time for yourself, even an hour, they will become a part of your routine and they will give you the space you need. In turn, we can hope these habits have an affect on those close to us, bringing more time for self awareness, reflection and love in your life.

Simple  Suggestions To Evaluate How You Use Your Time

These suggestions are simple and can become routine with an honest assessment of where you waste time.

Wellness Getting Fit for Life Make it Routine

Mind – Make a habit of unplugging from electronic devices and spaces like social media and email.

You decide how much is tolerable for you to add to your routine to cut back a week, a day, or even a month.

But commit to at least one hour to start, be it an activity that you have wanted to improve or increase in your life. You may choose to replace this time with an hour of meditation, reading, a puzzle, or coloring.

Develop a habit you can stick to and change as you increase your well being and mental clarity.

Wellness Getting Fit for Life Make it Routine

Body – Now that you have dedicated an hour of your time boosting your mental wellness, your body can use a different stimulus than your weekly work out, class or activity. How often do you check in with your body? When was the last time you laughed until your belly ached, screamed until your head hurt, cried until you fell asleep?We hold a lot of stress and tension within our muscles and organs causing discomforts we may take for granted.

After meditation, take a few deep breaths to push oxygen into your abdomen, and let it fill with air to puff out your belly and chest. Listen and feel to excess air and pressure release.

While at the gym or while home listening to your favorite music, dance to it!  Get your body moving, or take it to a club and see what you are working with!Make a habit of breaking your workout routine for alternative activities. If you are always in the gym, take it outside. Try aromatherapy during your workout for added benefits to your senses. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing we can do for physical wellness.

Taking a moment to sit and be still for a few minutes a day can ground and clear any tension we may be holding in our bodies. A few deep cleansing breaths to follow can make a world of difference.

Wellness Getting Fit for Life Make it Routine

Spirit – After all we have accomplished in our-day-to day providing for ourself and loved ones, the people we have encouraged and helped, the love we have shown to strangers, the kindness we give to all those we meet, we are thankful, humble and grateful. Yet, it has not removed that pit of a feeling that sometimes makes us weary of all the giving we do.You should be more abundant with the gift of building a better relationship with yourself.  We are always giving others advice, but when was the last time you took your own, de-cluttered your thoughts and wrote them out? Looked in the mirror and told yourself good things out loud?

Did you put back into the spirit of self? When was the last time you encouraged yourself with a high five or a
note of good luck? Have you shown kindness to yourself in the manner you give to others? It’s okay to ask for
a hug, or better yet, hug yourself. Take a day to date yourself and splurge a bit, allowing yourself to feel valued.

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