Awakening our hearts and minds to our inner journey unfolds us like a budding flower.

Just think about how winter tends to make us feel. For some it may be as grey and cloudy as the winter days; dreary and damp at times. And for others, it may be a time for deep concentration and introspection.

How every it makes you feel, its time to shake it off like our heavy coats.

The depths of our internal and personal relationships can depend on the elevation of our heart chakra.

Some of us are born or taught to have a loving heart. For some, its just about remembering.

There are seven main chakras of energy and many minor. They are in the center of our body and aligned from our base root chakra up to our crown chakra. Chakras are energy that flow and can become blocked through emotional and physical stress on our bodies.

Heart and green branches in their hands with mehendi patterns on pink-blue background

In our journey, the heart center, or Anahata Chakra, is the 4th from the seat of our root center, it is set in the middle of our chest. This “flame of life”, is an essential part of our life force, it is pure and exist in every living creature.

The poet, Srī Kabīrdās, was inspired by this melody within the heart to write the following verse:

“The flute of the infinite is played without ending, and its sound is love.
When love renounces all boundaries it arrives at the truth.”

Its easy for our feelings and thoughts to be misguided and unbalanced, we cannot always feel happy. That is why it is very important to take time to reawaken the parts of yourself that have taken a back seat to life.