We have two type of Spritzers ~

Refresh - We have three types of refresh Spritzers.  They are Forest, Fleure, and Citrus. Each are created using a blend of high quality essential oils.  The formulations help to  refresh your body and your environment as well as to cleanse and clear the air. Just spray a couple of time directly towards your face and inhale the light and beautiful botanical elements.  Or it can be sprayed in the air any place where there is a stale or  unpleasant odor.  Use the Refresh Spritzers in your car, closet, bathroom, on the subway, etc to clear and cleanse the air.

Our Spiritual Spritzers are formulated with tinctured, organic herbs and essential oils to help bring about a certain type of mindset for whatever it is you seek to accomplish or aspire to. They are great for using at any time, but particularly just before praying, meditating, contemplating, or focusing on challenges in life.  These Spritzer can also be used to energetically cleanse and clear negative vibrations. Ingredients include organic herbs, water, essential oils and resins, grain alcohol.  This product is not to be ingested. 

Keep out of the reach of children.