KuKulkan Transformation

2018-07-02T00:27:10+00:00Blog, Travel|

This year for her birthday one of my dear sister-friends decided she wanted to spend her 60th at a beach resort in Mexico with her friends.  You know the type, they ask for what they want, and the Universe provides.  Don't you just love that? There were six of us and two out of [...]

Clearing, Cleaning and Cleansing

2018-03-06T17:39:55+00:00Health & Wellness, Travel|

Spring is on the horizon, the perfect season for clearing, cleaning, cleansing and throwing it away. Giving us a jump-start in this direction was the full moon in Virgo this past Sunday.  This is the planet in charge of structure and putting things in order, including ourselves. It’s not just cluttered drawers and closets [...]

How Dubai & Abu Dhabi Opened My Heart

2018-02-16T01:33:54+00:00Spirit Care, Travel|

 Some times we must leave something beautiful to fully appreciate it. I had this experience after my 18-hour long flight from Dubai. Headed home from the airport just before dawn to my Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice litter everywhere as a part of the landscape. That’s when it dawned on me [...]


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Intuition, an internal knowingness – a woman in touch with herself knows. But in this culture with so much artificiality, absence of real contact with nature and lack of building of sisterhood, we lose connection with our inner compass. One thing I learned early on is that the voice of [...]