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Sekhert- Spiritual Power

2018-02-15T22:48:45+00:00Spirit Care|

 This 4th of July brought in the new moon in the Seker cycle. Seker from the tradition of ancient Khamit/Egypt is that aspect of The Divine, The Creator that dwells in deep places, in the abyss, in the unknowable realm, in the graveyards, in death, and in time marching on and the cycles of [...]

Managing Anger

2018-02-15T22:58:46+00:00Spirit Care|

If it wasn’t so shocking, it would be funny the way life can laugh at you and make you eat your own words.  Recently I wrote a blog post about an event that happened eight years ago.  This event trigger much pain and suffering for me via anger, until I was [...]


2018-02-16T00:38:07+00:00Spirit Care, Travel|

Intuition, an internal knowingness – a woman in touch with herself knows. But in this culture with so much artificiality, absence of real contact with nature and lack of building of sisterhood, we lose connection with our inner compass. One thing I learned early on is that the voice of [...]