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Vintage Burners

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  I am delighted to share with you that five of our new Vintage Burners were sold last week.  Each one is uniquely different and possibly one-of-a-kind.  Therefore, we recommend that if you see one you really like, don’t wait or it may be gone. I’ve made two videos to share with those who [...]

Sita Perfume

2018-03-06T18:03:21+00:00Anu's Adventures, Perfume/Home Fragrance|

My Sita Perfume is an exotic, spicy blend of some of the worlds most incredible essences.  Created as an ode to the Venusian Goddesses Het Heru and Oshun, it speaks of a time in a woman’s life when she is in her fullness.  Like a fully grown woman who has lived some life, Sita is [...]

SunRayz Perfume

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  The brilliance and sweetness of SunRayz will delight your heart and inspire your soul… Sun Rayz has the lightness and flirty spirit of spring and summer and is formulated using an array of juicy fruits, white flowers, and warm woods.  The playful and yet luscious essences in SunRayz include at the top, the mouth-watering [...]