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Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana 1)

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Warrior 1 — Virabhadrasana 1 is a standing yoga pose named after a mythological Hindu warrior, Virabhadra. Virabhadrasana I stretches the whole front side of the body while strengthening the thighs, ankles, and back. This is a powerful standing pose that develops stamina, balance, and coordination. It tones the abdomen, ankles, and arches of [...]

That Inner Glow

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8 TIPS To Keeping your skin looking Fabulous all year long! 1. Hydrate Water will always be the go to source for nourishing healthy skin. Stay hydrated gradually, throughout the day. Drink fluids, or eat water-rich foods.  A healthy person needs 30 to 50 ounces of fluid per day. Drinking fluids is crucial to staying [...]

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

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 Be the tree. It’s easier said than done when first learning balancing poses. Think of your favorite tree. Imagine that you are this tree and embody all of its qualities Young woman doing beautiful yoga pose tree, sunset silhouette in mountains over blue sky and clouds with sun sunlight background. Healthy lifestyle successful fitness exercise [...]

Awaken your Heart

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Awakening our hearts and minds to our inner journey unfolds us like a budding flower.Just think about how winter tends to make us feel. For some it may be as grey and cloudy as the winter days; dreary and damp at times. And for others, it may be a time for deep concentration and introspection.How [...]

Celebrating My 60th Year!

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This past weekend I celebrated my 60 birthday by marking the date with a photo shoot. My father was a  photographer for the navy; and as such I’ve been in front of the camera with a professional photographer starting in my youth. Part of me was hesitant about this decision because when I mentioned [...]

Clearing, Cleaning and Cleansing

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Spring is on the horizon, the perfect season for clearing, cleaning, cleansing and throwing it away. Giving us a jump-start in this direction was the full moon in Virgo this past Sunday.  This is the planet in charge of structure and putting things in order, including ourselves. It’s not just cluttered drawers and closets [...]

The Derrière or The Face?

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In the summer of 2016 I wrote a blog post on my decision to completely give up sugar, entitled "Sugar The Sweet Poison of All."  With the exception of fruit and my Sugar Polish I was pretty much committed. I thought I had found one of the most elusive secrets of life. Well as [...]

An Abiding Love

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I have come to realize that I have an abiding love and reverence for Zen Master, Thích Nhât Hanh.   It’s only been a year or so that I’ve known about this incredible teacher. But he has been gently walking on this earth creating evolutionary and revolutionary transformations in the hearts and minds of millions [...]