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Diversity in Yoga

2018-06-30T01:51:58+00:00Blog, Health & Wellness|

At the top of the month, I attended the SoulFestNYC held in Harlem. Soul Fest is an annual, outdoor yoga event that is held at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building grounds on 125th Street and all are welcomed. It just so happened that I was exhausted that morning and had no intentions [...]

Uplift and Honor Him

2018-06-08T18:16:42+00:00Blog, Health & Wellness|

When Father's Day is on the horizon, it always gives me cause for pause. I’ve written about this topic a few times, but each year I find myself compelled to say something more. There are so many amazing fathers in our community, and they are rarely given the acknowledgment that they deserve. We hail [...]

Inner Radiance Outer Glow

2018-03-06T18:42:45+00:00Anu's Adventures, Health & Wellness|

Most of us are not necessarily conscious of the fact that when we look at others, we observe their level of vitality and radiance, which is an indication of their Qi (pronounced Chee). I recently came across two women who had quite a bit in common. Both are brilliant, successful in their careers, hardworking, [...]

How To Be Ageless

2018-09-03T03:12:41+00:00Anu's Adventures, Health & Wellness|

How To Look Ageless   As I approach the end of my 60th year, I found it touching when a dear friend who is decades younger than I, suggested that I write a blog post on how to look ageless. I honestly believe that the main key to looking ageless is directly linked to feeling ageless [...]

That Daily Burn

2018-03-06T18:43:22+00:00Anu's Adventures, Health & Wellness|

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t wait to stop having a monthly menstrual cycle. I thought once that was over, never again would I have to pause my daily exercise regimen. I imagined I would just go seamlessly through each month working-out with daily consistency. Little did I know that by [...]

Stand, Ball and Lift Your Derrière

2018-03-06T18:34:57+00:00Health & Wellness|

Have you ever thought to calculate how many hours a day, week, month, year, you spend sitting on a chair or sofa?  It seems the number of hours we spend sitting has many detrimental effects on our bodies – internally and externally – and sitting for extended hours on chairs flattens our buttocks and atrophies [...]

Baby Got Back

2018-03-06T17:38:58+00:00Health & Wellness|

  Baby, you’ve got a back!   If you have ever seriously strained or hurt your back, you know it's a pain like no other. The back is half of the body, so when it’s hurt, that’s substantial.  Even when we hurt our back in just one area, like a shoulder blade, or the lower back, it [...]

Hiking to The Heights

2018-03-06T18:35:09+00:00Anu's Adventures, Health & Wellness|

What happens when you drop a stone lover (that would be me) in a place like Tecate, Mexico?  I was overwhelmed, but in a good way, by all the beauty surrounding this incredibly sacred area of Mexico.  From the time we left the border and started the uphill ride to Tecate, there were humongous [...]