Body Care

Anu Essentials Body Butters Remix

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The Anu Essentials natural line of Body Butters has been reformulated to offer you a more refined skin-pampering experience.  As always, our butters are infused with gifts from nature: botanicals, herbs, vitamins, jojoba, sunflower and almond oils to name a few.  Rounding off our new formulation are the hydrating elements of deionized water, aloe vera [...]

Grapefruit – Smells good, makes you feel good and look good!

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  Okay, I’ll admit it: the grapefruit is not what you might consider a ‘sexy’ fruit.  It doesn’t conjure up the lusciousness of some of the more exotic fruits like mango, guava or papaya, but the grapefruit for me is a special fruit that does hold its own for healing,  losing weight and adding sparkle [...]

Some Like It Green!

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It seems when I was in High School I discovered the color green.  It became my favorite color and my wardrobe was filled with shades of green.  As time went on, I realized that I really appreciated other things green, including green scents. This summer I delighted in acquiring and wearing Mandy Aftel’s Trevert.  Trevert [...]

Cleansing The Temple

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Whether we realize it or not, the seasons have a significant bearing on us and on our spirits.  Each change of seasons brings its own influence upon us.  And just as they have an effect on nature and the environment, they also leave their mark on us.  We would do well to notice and participate [...]

Day Spa – Korean Style

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As a birthday gift, my niece, Zauditu invited me to a day at a spa. Now normally, if you say spa I start drooling, but she said Korean Spa and immediately I had a whole different response, because I had heard these spas are like bathhouses. And personally, I don’t go in for “public bathing”. [...]

Bath time

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When was the last time you took a bath? Yes, I know you bathe everyday, but I’m referring to actually sitting down in a tub of water, with bubbles, and candles and just relaxing. I use to have a weekly ritual of taking a bath every Sunday. That was one way to ensure I took [...]