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Pomegranate and Your Skin

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Autumn is the time of year when a favorite fruit of mine is in season, the sweet, juicy and messy pomegranate. A very special and recurring memory from my childhood is that of my grandfather’s arrival to our home with a bag full of large, deeply red pomegranates from the tree in his backyard in [...]

Managing Menopause

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When my friend Patricia Patton of Boomer Wiz informed me that, “Menopause will take you off your game, Girl,”  she never lied.  We all know that menopause is different for every woman.  Some women have little to no symptoms, some have few symptoms and other women experience it all. I didn’t begin to have any [...]

Heavenly Feet

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Photo source Many years ago I started the practice of massaging the feet of friends on their wedding day.  The first time was for my friend Jennifer on her wedding day.  Brides are usually a little jittery on that big day, so I thought this would be a lovely way of calming them down.  But [...]