Don’t Pass Up that Farm Stand!


Driving up and down a hilly and winding road, I passed a large farm stand that looked more like a bonified store than a stand. Inside, the fresh produce was so brilliant in color, plump in readiness, that it almost made me want to cook. Yeah, I'm the first to admit that these days, [...]

Did You Know? Twisted Styles


Did you know that Anu began braiding hair professionally in 1978 while attending Howard University?  In the summer of 1977, Anu landed as job as a Braider at the popular Shelton's Hair Gallery in Washington, DC.  Shelton's Hair Gallery is an upscale salon that continues to set the standard in excellent hair care in [...]

The Magic of Martha’s Vineyard


A wise man once said the primary reason that people feel relaxed and happy on vacation is that they automatically breath at a slower and deeper rate while  vacationing. The rate of our breathing is a direct reflection of our emotional state. Hyper breathing with short and rapid rates indicates that we are either [...]

Toni, Toni, Toni Morrison


When I heard of Toni Morrison’s transition, I was both sadden and appreciative. I was appreciative of not only Ms. Morrison’s work but for the experience of having recently seen her on the big screen sharing her life’s story and the journey of her career. The film, “The Pieces I Am” is beautiful and compelling. It was [...]

Spiritual Spritzers ~


We are currently offering two types of Spritzers, Spiritual Spritzers, and Refresh Spritzers. Refresh Spritzers are infused with essential oils and are used to cleanse and refresh the air or yourself when you find you or your environment hot, sticky, or stagnant. You can spritz directly towards your face or spritz the air with [...]

Optimism, Joy, and Contentment


We often believe that our circumstances are responsible for whether or not we are happy, joyous, and content. When I’m feeling out-of-sorts, think of a dear friend Audrey (not her real name) who lost her mother, her husband, and her father within two months. After this occurred, I would see Audrey or speak to [...]

Brooklyn Botanic Rose Garden 2019


Every June, the Brooklyn Botanic Rose Garden provides an extraordinary treat for rose lovers.  This past Friday was a most beautiful day in Brooklyn.  It was warm and sunny with a lovely breeze, a perfect day for visiting the gardens, not too hot and most certainly not cold. My former intern, Maati Angaza, a [...]

What Does Cow’s Dung, Truffles, & Bukhoor Have in Common?


What does cow dung, truffles, and Bukhoor have in common? They’re not the prettiest things to photograph, all three have a distinctive and high-scent profile and are highly sought-after. Pure cow's dung can be burned to purify the air, an Ayurvedic practice from ancient India called Agnihotra. Burning unadulterated cow’s dung uplifts the vibrational [...]

Level Up ~ Electric Resin Burners


After extensive market research, testing one burner after the next,  I can finally offer you a way to level up your home fragrance experience, with this beautiful, ceramic, electric burner. The benefit of using an electric burner is that is doesn’t require any charcoal, which makes for a cleaner, purer way of experiencing your [...]

Walnuts Can Do That?


For most of my life I have awakened in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and I thought it was normal. Then recently it increased to sometimes twice a night. I finally decided to look into this. I was confident my Chinatown hookup, Dr. Tan would have a solution for this recurring interruption of [...]