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You Are Your Own Sanctuary

2017-11-17T20:38:03+00:00 Ask Anu|

Jaki Shelton Green, noted award winning poet, writer, lecturer, professor and inductee into North Carolina’s Literary Hall of Fame, has been telling me about her sistaWrite retreats since we met a couple of years ago. I was honored to experience why she loves and enjoys facilitating sistaWRITE Retreats. One of Jaki’s favorite locations to [...]


2017-10-31T20:46:56+00:00 Ask Anu|

I knew one day I would have the courage to tell this story.  I’ll never forget the first time I met a young woman with the name of a queen.  Cleopatra is her name and we met in the autumn of 2012.  Our introduction was precipitated by a very loud, visceral, blood-curdling scream that [...]

Tutus and Propositions

2017-10-31T22:01:10+00:00 Ask Anu|

As a little girl practicing the fundamentals of ballet, I longed to be a ballerina on Halloween.  Why a ballerina? I had this thing about tutus.  To me they were magical!  They seem to suggest that one could fly.  I wanted to don my ballet gear and go from house to house collecting candy [...]

I Am Now A Climate Leader

2017-10-27T18:56:53+00:00 Al Gore, Ask Anu, Blog, Climate Change, Climate Reality Training Corp, Pittsburgh PA, Severe Weather, Super Storm Sandy|

Last week I had the pleasure and great honor of becoming a certified Climate Leader, by former Vice President Gore’s organization, The Climate Reality Project.  A couple of weeks before training I began thinking about the weight of this responsibility.  While in the training I became overwhelmed and doubts began to creep up and [...]

Autumn Reset

2017-10-27T00:02:56+00:00 Ask Anu|

As we move head on into October I’m experiencing that feeling I often have during early autumn, a mixture of yes and no, of delight and dread.  Early autumn is typically beautiful, the weather is temperate, and the trees turn radiant shades of red, orange and yellow. It’s a nostalgic time, reminiscing on summer. [...]

Vintage Burners

2017-10-27T00:07:10+00:00 Ask Anu|

  I am delighted to share with you that five of our new Vintage Burners were sold last week.  Each one is uniquely different and possibly one-of-a-kind.  Therefore, we recommend that if you see one you really like, don’t wait or it may be gone. I’ve made two videos to share with those who [...]

Hiking to The Heights

2017-10-27T00:20:38+00:00 Ask Anu, Wellness|

What happens when you drop a stone lover (that would be me) in a place like Tecate, Mexico?  I was overwhelmed, but in a good way, by all the beauty surrounding this incredibly sacred area of Mexico.  From the time we left the border and started the uphill ride to Tecate, there were humongous [...]

The Gift of Rancho La Puerta

2017-10-27T00:09:39+00:00 Ask Anu|

Mexico; Tecate; Rancho La Puerta My dear friend Shay has been taking retreat vacations at Rancho La Puerta, along with her sister Ashaka off and on since the early 80s. Shay has often shared with me the magic of this wondrous sanctuary and would from time to time suggest that I visit [...]

Stone Love

2017-10-27T00:17:44+00:00 Ask Anu|

I have this love for stones, an undeniable connection. Perhaps it’s the allure of their grounding energy that attracts me? Stones can be found all around my home; their textures, varying colors, shapes, and the uniqueness of each one is just magical. Although rocks and stones may appear to be inert, each possesses energy [...]

Climate Reality Leadership Corps

2017-10-27T00:13:25+00:00 Ask Anu|

The recent catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey has once again put nature via the weather front and center in our lives. It is a very serious time when it comes to saving this planet, and thereby saving ourselves. Severe Weather is causing much suffering not only in Houston, Nigeria, Maharashtra, and Mumbai has also been hit [...]