It is paramount that you have, and use consistently, the essentials needed to keep your hair healthy and looking and feeling fabulous in the new year.  With my intense grind during the holiday sales period, I allowed a few weeks to go by before I stopped to give my hair some love.  And, yes, I paid the price for this lapse in care.  I am sure you know that the longer our hair just sits, whether in braids, twists or worn loose, the more the strands bond to each other, causing intense tangling.

I use a metal Afro Pick to lift and shape my hair, but I only comb my hair through completely when it’s saturated in conditioner.  That means the longer I wait to do this process, the more the tangles accrue.  Thank goodness for the richness in Anu Essentials conditioners.  Using the Down Under Deep Conditioner is such a hair-saver.  While detangling my kinks, this conditioner prevents severe breakage.  Of course, one has to be gentle, patient, and gingerly go through the process of combing your hair from the tips to the roots for proper detangling.  It is the tips of your hair– the oldest and dried out portion — that tangles the most.  You’ll notice with loose hair there is rarely tangling at the roots, where the newest and richest part of the hair is found.

Anu Essentials Deep Conditioner w/Detangling tools, including Detangling Brush by Felicia Leatherwood ~

For those wearing twists, braids, and weaves, there can be tangles near the roots.  In these instances, I recommend generously applying the conditioner to these areas and leaving it on for at least half an hour before beginning the detangling process.

For those with locs, diluting Anu Essentials Biotin Conditioner and leaving it on for twenty minutes covered with a shower cap may be a great way to hydrate and moisten your locs.  It will also prevent using excessive amounts of water to rinse out the conditioner.  Using our Daily Leave-in Conditioner is also a great option for loc wearers.  Remember to have fun while giving loving attention and care to your precious hair, and make sure you have The Must-Have Essentials, and that you Condition That!

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