I am calling on you to pray in your own way, by sending healing energies to our planet and by also asking for guidance on what we can do to honor and truly love this earth.

This week is the beginning of the Autumnal Equinox which, as some of you know, is four sequential days in autumn when there are equal daylight and night time.  It is a sacred time, and a time when we can more easily tap into the divine energy of the Universe.

Wherever you are in the world, please set your alarm for 9:45 pm each evening for these four sacred days, from September 22 to 26, so you can prepare to pray for the healing of our planet at 10:00 pm. Please do stop what you are doing, sit or kneel down, and pray, or meditate, or chant, or sing, and contemplate or visualize the planet as healed. In fact, envision a healed earth in the present tense. See pristine clear waters, abundant forests, healthy soil, snow-capped mountains, clean air, and happy and healthy people. Spend as little as five minutes or as long as it takes to get into a healing mindset. If 10:00 pm does not work for you, pick a time that does.

Climate Change, aka severe weather, is one way the planet is trying to correct itself, but all over our world, so many are suffering from its impact. I will spare you images of devastation and loss. What else can the planet do?   We owe it to future generations to do what we can to save it. We may not know how to make all of the sweeping changes required, but we can each do something sincere and effective; we can send forth our healing prayers and intentions for our earth. If the earth is sick, we are sick. If the earth is well, we are well. Indeed, prayer changes things.