What’s Your Quarantine Score?

A friend of mine posted this list on her Facebook page, and I thought, how cool.  I also realized there is so much missing from this scorecard, which is also just a bit stingy with the points. In these very unusual times, we are all navigating a new normal, and sometimes it’s difficult to be cheerful, optimistic, or enthusiastic. Sometimes I have a surprising urge to cry. I don’t, though, I probably should. I just observe how I’m feeling and search for the impulse to shed tears.  The last time I realized it was from a song on the radio.  We have up days and then days that are difficult.  Most of us are doing the best that we can.  So, here are other items you can add to your score for this week, or you can add up your points on a daily basis.

Photo originally from Black Art in America on Facebook ~

  • Prayed – 15 points
  • Meditated – 15 points
  • Did yoga – 5 points
  • Did aerobic exercise of any kind – 5 points
  • Dancing – 5 points
  • Had enjoyable lovemaking with a safe partner or yourself – 5 points
  • Did not indulge in any mind-altering substances (e.g., wine, weed, hallucinogens) – 10 points
  • Filled out and submitted your 2020 Census – 25 points
  • Went for a safe walk – 5
  • Called an elder – 5 points
  • Helped an elder outside of your home -10 points
  • Took care of an elder – 25 points
  • Took care of a baby or toddler – 20 points
  • Home schooled child/children – 25 points
  • Took care of a pet or pets – 5 points
  • Gave financial help to another – 15 points
  • Took immune-boosting supplements – 10 points
  • Shampooed and conditioned hair that’s longer than 5 inches – 5 points
  • Oiled scalp – 3 points
  • Braided or twisted own hair – 5 points
  • Gave yourself a manicure – 3 points
  • Gave yourself pedicure – 3 points
  • Gave yourself a facial – 3 points
  • Took a luxurious bath – 5 points
  • Put on perfume – 3 points
  • Put on jewelry or talisman – 3 points
  • Burned incense of any kind – 3 points
  • Used a diffuser with essential oils – 3 points
  • Made tea – 3 points
  • Cleaned out a drawer or closet – 5 points
  • Cleaned out the garage – 15 points
  • Worked in your garden – 15 points
  • Cleaned your home – (e.g., vacuumed, mopped floors, + cleaned bathrooms, etc.) – 25 points
  • Did laundry outside the home – 15 points
  • Did laundry inside the home – 5 points
  • Changed bedlinen – 3 points
  • Read a book – 5 points
  • Mailed a greeting card – 3 points
  • Sent a digital greeting card – 2 points
  • Participated in any form of making art (e.g., crocheting, knitting, drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting, filmmaking) – 10 points
  • Cooked a new recipe – 10 points

You may not get paid for many of these activities, but at least you can earn points. Anything over 5 points is a win. Use this handy scorecard to check your score weekly, remembering to add your points for each milestone. No matter your score, you’re a winner just for your efforts!! Inspire others by sharing this blog post with friends and relatives.

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  1. Lauren April 21, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    Love this

  2. SeGera April 21, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    Fun! Fun! Thanks.

  3. Tayari April 24, 2020 at 10:23 pm

    This was so affirming! I had seen the original meme and I knew that anything that was giving points for putting heat on your hair was not thinking about healthy self care for black women. Thank you for this post. (Though I think I need to get more points than that for cleaning my closet! It took me three days! LOL)

    • Anu Prestonia April 25, 2020 at 3:58 pm

      hahahaha, Tayari! I’ve decided that everyone is welcome to give themselves the points they feel they deserve. Mine was just a guide. And yes, the heat on the hair inspired me to make an additional list. Enjoy!

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