Forgive me for over-sharing; my work to deliver to you, my wonderful clients, the most cherished of resins, is truly a labor of love.  Interestingly, these resins, whether solid or liquid, require extra time and work in their handling.  For example, perfumer’s grade resins are liquid but are very thick and difficult to use.  They pour slowly and require patience to disperse drops into a scent formulation.  Those that are not thick may have a sticky character.  I usually have to run hot water over the tops of liquid resin bottles to get them to open.  On the other hand, working with hard resins, as you can see in the photo above, takes powerful tools and requires a different kind of energy. I actually use a machete to cut and chop both the copal blanco and copal negro into the nuggets I send out to fulfill your orders. The copals are also sticky, I have been using coconut oil on my hands to handle them.

As for the fabled myrrh, I use a hammer to break it down into sizes that can fit into a jar, for your ease of handling.  Which reminds me, with some of the resins, I may have to switch from jars to something that makes it easier and less expensive to ship.  Sweet and lovely frankincense comes in the form of what are called tears, individual nuggets in many shapes and sizes, so no tools are needed for this essence that I think of as God’s scent.  You have no idea what it means to share sacred resins with you; it makes me feel like one with an anointed mission.

The sultry resins like bukhoor are a whole other can of beans. Sometimes the bukhoor arrives in perfect order, and other times it arrives as a mass, leaving me having to pretend I’m a baker, remoulding the bukhoor back into individual shapes.  Yes, it’s hard work, but somebody’s got to do it!  And then there is amber, which has to be cut down and weighed.  Not only do I derive pleasure from the particular Anu Essentials perfume I happen to be wearing at the time, but then an extra level of fragrance is added to me while working with resins.  Call me odd or unusual, but working, just so, with these gifts of nature is an absolutely divine experience! Click here to see a video on how to burn resins.

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