What Does Cow’s Dung, Truffles, & Bukhoor Have in Common?

What does cow dung, truffles, and Bukhoor have in common? They’re not the prettiest things to photograph, all three have a distinctive and high-scent profile and are highly sought-after.

Pure cow’s dung can be burned to purify the air, an Ayurvedic practice from ancient India called Agnihotra. Burning unadulterated cow’s dung uplifts the vibrational energy and positively charges the molecules of a space. Who’d have thought it? Sitting in a sacred space, a closed room with dung burning for meditation purposes is something I practiced in the early 80s at the Tree of Life, in Harlem.  Breathing long, slow deep breaths, with the cow dung burning, feels as if your brain is being cleansed.  The level of peace and relaxation was extraordinary. Yes indeed, I’ve have had the opportunity to have my nose gleefully and spiritually educated over the years.

Truffles are fungi that are highly sought after for exceptional culinary dishes, also touts quite an unusual aroma. Due to their strong sense of smell, domesticated pigs are used for locating and extracting truffles from temperate forests in Europe and North America. These pigs can identify truffles from as deep as three feet underground.

I tried my best to photograph the very aromatic Bukhoor to make it look pretty. Forget how it looks, how it smells is what’s most important. Bukhoor hails from the United Arab Emirates, the only place in the world that hosts an award show, the FiFi Awards, for the top fragrances. Royalty and celebrities from around the globe attend this highly anticipated award ceremony each year. Arab people have been procuring exceptional fragrances for centuries. Visit the UAE, and one of the memories you will carry home with you will be the incredibly beautiful smells you experienced while there.

Bukhoor is a mélange of essences using oud, flowers, herbs, spices essential and fragrance oils. The choice of ingredients will determine the aroma of the many different kinds of Bukhoor. The higher the quality of the ingredients, the more beautiful the quality of the aroma, and determines the price tag.

Our new supply of Bukhoor has arrived. This time around, I’ve decided to name the Bukhoors so you can distinguish between the different options.

Tamu ~ Was our very first Bukhoor. Bukhoor Tamu has a bright and bold scent. It’s a sweet floral blend with a deep and sultry base. If you’re hosting a lively occasion, Bukhoor Tamu offers the perfect vibration. (currently on backorder).

Jamila ~ Soft, beautiful, and reminiscent of the steamy scent of flowers that perfume the air after heavy rain. Jamila has a powdery softness. It’s seductive, offering the perfect pitch for a dinner party or an intimate setting.

Isha ~ Exotic berries and desert flowers blend to make this hypnotic aroma. Isha it not as bold as Tamu, not as sublime as Jamila, it’s right there in the middle, perfect for any occasion.

For those who are practicing the curation of unique scents for their homes, I recommend trying the different types of Bukhoor and using them for different settings.  Like with anything, variety is the spice of life.  Order your Bukhoor today.

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