Toni, Toni, Toni Morrison

When I heard of Toni Morrison’s transition, I was both sadden and appreciative. I was appreciative of not only Ms. Morrison’s work but for the experience of having recently seen her on the big screen sharing her life’s story and the journey of her career. The film, “The Pieces I Am” is beautiful and compelling. It was just a couple a weeks ago that it left theaters, but it is now returning to theaters. It will be screening at BAM August 16th-22nd. It’s a must-see.
I was also appreciative to have been one of those who had the honor of grooming and styling Ms. Morrison’s Locs on a few occasions. She came to Khamit Kinks when we were located in TriBeCa. The first time she walked through our doors wasn’t a surprise, as this visit had been well orchestrated by fellow beauty comrade, Jackie Sanchez, Ms. Morrison’s makeup artist.
This was long before smart-phones, and I did not ask to take a picture of or with Ms. Morrison. Her presence was more than enough. I was in the moment, in the zone of being one with my experience.
I am more saddened than I imaged by Ms. Morrison’s passing, but I am very grateful for the body of work Toni Morrison has left us to read again and again. Thank you, Toni, for lifting us up by telling our stories in such a layered and insightful way, no matter how humble, harrowing, or real, you also made our stories magical.
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  1. Kimberly Dixon August 15, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Anu,,
    Thank you for writing that beautiful tribute to Toni Morrison. I, like millions of others, love Toni Morrison and have been edified, gratified and heartwarmed by her outstanding writing and unmistakeable brilliance. Ms. Morrison portrayed Black people with dignity, grace, humanity and beauty, no matter our circumstance. She clearly had a great sense of our worth and a high level of regard both for us as well as for herself. She loved us and we loved her back. She will be sorely missed but will always remain in our hearts and in our minds. Thanks again for the tribute.
    Also, thank you for continuing to offer top of the line hair products with Anu Essentials. I will continue to support you and the company.

    In Sisterhood,

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