The Two Sitas


For a few years now there have been two versions of our Sita Perfume, Sita Red, and Sita Yellow. After creating Sita Yellow, I hid Sita Red in the closet so to speak, and only those who knew about her would contact me directly to say, “I’m ordering Sita, and I want the original.”

The first version of Sita is now called Sita Red, and I have brought her out of the closet, she is now available on our website. Sita Red is all-natural with only bespoke botanical elements. It’s a bold and sophisticated perfume that evolves on the skin like a beautiful story unfolds. Sita Red is sexy as hell. Warm and sensual, it’s perfect for cold weather temps or to create a sultry evening. The sensuous note is extended with the animalic (animal essence) of humanely harvested civet, an animal musk, not synthetic musk.

Nocturnal Indian civet

Sita Red is blended with an accord of Bulgarian rose, patchouli, and sustainable sandalwood, making this a compelling perfume. Like any Venusian Goddess, Sita is alluring. Created as an ole to India, the birthplace of yoga, Sita is designed with many Indian essences, including the spices of cardamom and coriander. Also, there’s Indonesian clove and pink peppercorns. Even though Sita Red is considered heavy, I wear it any time of the year or day I feel like pulling out that wildcat in me! This is not a fragrance for those wanting to smell meek and demur.

Sita Yellow – Is a lighter, airier version of Sita Red. Sita Yellow has been created with essentials oils and fragrance oils. It’s flirty and can be worn all year round. Still warm and spicy this is a version of Sita you can take anywhere. Whether boardroom or bedroom, Sita Yellow is such a gorgeous sweetie!

This is one thing I really appreciate about natural perfumes, the beautiful jewel colored oils show up in the perfume; unlike commerical perfumes that have no color, they’re mostly clear.  The perfume’s hue give you a sense of what you’re going to smell.

You may be wondering, why the two versions? There are those who felt that Sita Red was too strong, especially if judging by the initial aroma. Sita Red comes out of the bottle like a caged animal, but it settles down. As the minutes and hours go by, Sita Red’s depth and true beauty are undeniable. I was going to discontinue Sita Red, but those who experienced this first interpretation of Sita, prefer it and continue to order it.

Once I created Sita Yellow, I began wearing it almost daily. I recently started wearing Sita Red after not doing so for some time and fell in love with it all over again. Sometimes I even wear the two together, a hint of Sita Red, with Sita Yellow as the lead. Let’s put it this way; whether I’m wearing Sita Red or Sita Yellow, I receive compliments and inquiries.   One lady even followed me into a store one day, declaring “I know it’s you who smells like this. What is that and where can I get it?” And she did purchase it.  Just the other day I walked up to two women at the coop and they both wanted to know what was I wearing.  It’s so heart-warming to when you meet strangers and have friend who love what you create.

A dear friend of mine who prefers Sita Red told me her doorman proclaimed one day, “That perfume you wear is driving me bananas.” The face she made let me know he was swooning.

Whether you choose Red or Yellow, Sita is fun to wear. If you would like to experience either of the Sita Perfumes, consider ordering our samples. And do check out the movie, Sita Sings The Blues. I learned about the film after making the perfume, and in the end, Sita takes back her power. Oh yes! Don’t underestimate this beauty!




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  1. Farah May 24, 2018 at 2:47 am - Reply

    I love Sita Red! It is my signature scent. Thank You

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