Due to the global pandemic, many companies are now creating products they never imagined making.  Their businesses were faltering, and so they quickly made a pivot.  A company that used to make sails for boats and yachts is now making facial masks.  One of my bottle suppliers told me that large wine companies bought up all the tops to a particular bottle that I have been purchasing for decades.  Why, because they switched gears and are now making sanitizers.

Where does that leave small companies like mine? It leaves us on the waiting list. These large companies have the resources to purchase bottling supplies by the tens of thousands at one time. It appears that some of the supplies I’ve tried to order may be available in May, or may not be available until August.  Or who knows, when supplies are back in stock, those who are buying by the thousands now, may be allowed again to buy out the entire stock.

I share this with you because I would like to suggest that you start saving your Luxe Body Oil and spritzer bottles now, just in case.  In some instances, I am able to order the bottles but not the tops, nor the pumps, nor spritzer parts of the packaging needed. Depending on how long the pandemic lasts, I may have to start sending out refill bottles instead of the original packaging. The good news is that this is a smart way to recycle which has been used in the beauty industry for decades.  Refill bottles will be offered in the near future, and  available for less than the original glass bottle. Once you receive the refill, just pour its contents into your glass bottle. We will keep you abreast of the status of our packaging as we navigate this new normal.  In the meantime, if your glass bottle has become sticky, you can clean it off by using alcohol on a cloth to remove any oil sticking to the outside of the glass and make your bottle and pump look fresh and new again.

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