As some of you may know, I am an advocate for earth justice and treating the earth with respect. My ears are always perked up for the latest news on our planet and none of it seems too encouraging, except for the few weeks that we humans were on full lockdown during the height of the early COVID-19 outbreak. News flash: it was 104 degrees in Siberia last week.  You know that place with the permafrost that is supposed to be frigidly cold forever? That place has now melted.
recently shared with you my decision to fly by airplane as little as possible due to its detrimental impact on the environment (I can still fly in my dreams). My latest update is that I also won’t be going on any cruises. I’ve already been on two cruises, and I’m good. Even before watching comedian Hasan Minhaj share the story of cruising in a funny but informative way, I was down with ‘been-there-done-that’ as far as cruises go. Just imagine the ocean having to receive everything that comes out of each and every passenger on each and every cruise! But wait — there’s more, and this video definitely seals that deal.
One person I know won’t even watch this video, declaring, “I love cruises and I want to continue to go on them guilt-free.” For all those who opt out of watching, I am compelled to share with you that it reveals tales of slave hours and wages for cruise workers, sexual abuse of passengers, and even murders of passengers swept under the rug since there is typically no legal jurisdiction in open waters. Last but not least, there is the horrific impact on planet earth of all the fossil fuel and cruise waste borne by the ocean. With his deft comedic skills, Hasan makes this hairy description easier to digest. Take a look at the video.