What’s old is new again.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but antique and vintage Japanese kimonos have become a fashion statement in these contemporary times.  I find kimonos very alluring, so when I met the lovely Laura Jackson of Adorn Me Treasures — on Instagram, @adornmetreasures — I was compelled to purchase a kimono from her; ok, admittedly, I have several.  Laura’s story is so fascinating.  After retiring from a corporate job, Laura decided she wanted to expand her African accessories business with something unique.

Laura Jackson of Adorn Me Treasures

Kimonos are so well made that they are reversible, and that’s how these two beauties decided to wear their kimonos. Owners of the interior design firm @monetmasters

Laura chose kimonos for their elegance, versatility, and artful creativity.  She happened to mention this to a friend, who introduced her to a woman whose father owned a kimono business.  This elder businessman had already decided he was ready to retire and was willing to not only sell Laura his entire inventory but also offered to mentor her.  If that wasn’t enough, he happened to live just three miles from her home in Atlanta, GA.  What serendipity!  Laura’s story reminds us that when we set our intentions, and they are in alignment with our highest good, the Universe will conspire to make our dreams happen in mysterious and magical ways that we could have never imagined or created on our own.

Kesha Franklin of @haldeninteriors

Kimonos come in an array of styles and lengths, from long and elaborate to short and understated. The long ones are usually very detailed, super elegant; they are usually lined and considered Haute couture. They can be worn long, say, to a formal event or as a wedding garment, or you can have them shortened.  Depending on your height, there are lengths that come to the ankle or just below the calf. There is a length that comes to the thighs or an even shorter length that stops at the hips.  Kimonos are being worn with stilettos or with jeans and flip flops.  Kimonos come in varying textures of silk, cotton, and wool. Some kimonos are so intricate in design detail that it’s mind-boggling to imagine the work and time that went into creating them, while others are solid, with no patterns of color or design, and then there’s everything in between. There’s a kimono style for everyone.

Yours truly, here in a short kimono which is called a kimono cardigan or haori.

Laura’s silk kimonos are vintage and are not only fabulous but are also quite affordable as compared to many other kimono merchants.    I love Laura’s one-on-one Zoom sessions, where she will pick out the colors and styles that you prefer, model them for you, and then ship them to you pronto. Laura has so many fabulous kimonos to choose from, it was difficult deciding which ones to feature here; check out her social media platforms to get a sense of the variety. You can check out her business on Instagram @adornmetreasures and at Adorn Me Treasures, Facebook.   And if you’re in the Atlanta area, Laura features her wares at Scotts Antique Market once a month.  Don’t miss out on acquiring one of these elegant pieces from Laura for yourself or as a gift. And she also carries men’s kimonos.

Tiffany Latrice of @tila_studios